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Bringing passwordless authentication to your website is easy with OwnID. User accounts are still managed by your website's existing identity platform, and adding the passwordless feature requires a few lines of code to incorporate the OwnID widget into your registration and login pages. OwnID uses an OwnID application to bind this front-end widget with your identity platform. Simply use the OwnID Console to create an OwnID application, and you're on your way.

Configuring an OwnID application includes integrating the application with your identity platform or in-house solution. These integration steps vary slightly depending on your system. Once created, each OwnID application is assigned an appId that uniquely identifies the application. By initializing the front end's OwnID widget with this appId, your website is able to implement passwordless authentication for the users in your identity platform. That's it! With a few configuration settings and minimal front-end development work, your users can skip the password when logging in.