How the SDK Works

The OwnID Web SDK provides components for implementing the frontend of each user journey — login, registration, and password recovery.

SDK Versions

We offer SDK versions for plain JavaScript, React, and Angular. You can use the SDK on any page in your site, just be referencing it properly at the top of the page. The Building Integrations page shows you how.

The API Consumed by OwnID

Typically, consuming an API means making RESTful requests to endpoints hosted by a public platform.

Here, your existing web server hosts the endpoints that the OwnID platform calls. We provide sample code templates, in multiple languages, for each required event handler.

When a user logs in, your frontend generates a login event and upon receiving the event, the OwnID server makes the appropriate HTTP requests to your web server, invoking request handlers provided by OwnID.

APIdiagram Logical sequence during Login

Those request handlers provide the gateway for exchanging keys and data between your frontend and your identity management services.

Widget Login workflow

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