Integrating with the OwnID platform provides your web customers with password-free access to your online products & services anywhere along their digital journey by simply unlocking their device the same way they already do with their face or fingerprint.

Widget Figure 1. OwnID login widget

How does it work?

To enable biometric authentication, OwnID provides frontend and backend components that allow you to integrate our services with your existing .

Figure 2. Major components and connectivity

Two ways to integrate: Connectors or SDK

You have two distinct integration options:

  1. Connectors - Low-code/no-code integrations for specific .
  2. SDK - OwnID’s Web SDK for your frontend.

Our connectors are prebuilt, low-code integrations to selected identity providers.

If a connector isn’t available for your specific identity provider, the SDK provides an integration path with even greater flexibility, customization, and control.

Ready to get started with either option? Head over to the Quickstart page.

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