Integration FAQ

Does OwnID persist any PII on its servers?

No, personal information about your customers or employees remains inside your firewall.

How many API endpoints are required to integrate to OwnID?

Our API needs only three unique endpoints to expose full functionality of the OwnID system. But those endpoints are hosted on your web server and called by the OwnID cloud server based on login events from your web frontend.

Can we apply our branding look and feel to modals and pop ups?

Yes, our integration framework lets you customize colors, fonts, and images, to maintain a seamlessly branded user experience.

We prefer to retain maximum control over our integrations. Do we have the option to use the API even when you have a connector for our IMS?

Absolutely. You can retain control over the entire integration or customize it extensively through our API/SDK.

Can we use any development language to implement the API?

Absolutely. Any language that provides HTTP request functionality.

How long does it take to implement one of the pre-configured OwnID Connectors?

Typical integration times are around one hour.

If there’s no Connector available for the identity management system we use for our websites, how long does it typically take to use the API to integrate it?

Even with the API, much of the integration effort involves dropping code into your front-end and back-end code. Typical integration times are one day!

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