No matter which identity platform you currently use, OwnID provides a path to integration.

Low-code Connectors

OwnID offers a set of low-code Connectors that are pre-integrated with specific identity platforms.

  • Drop-in scripts for front-end pages
  • Customizeable CSS


You can use our SDK to integrate with any identity platform and maintain greater control over the integration.

  • Drop-in web front-end HTML and JavaScript
  • Three endpoints defined by HTTP event handlers on your web server
  • Customizeable CSS

How Connectors Compare with the SDK

CriteriaOwnID ConnectorsOwnID SDK
What is it?Examples, cut and paste JSONExamples, code templates
Identity platforms supported?Some of the most widely-adoptedAny identity platform
Integration effort?About an hourAbout a day
Developer skill set?Paste HTML and JavaScript snippetsHTTP, JavaScript
Resources provided?Examples, cut and paste JSONExamples, code templates
Customizable?Yes, CSS attributesYes, CSS attributes, control of logic at endpoints

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