Enter your SMTP server credentials to enable OwnID to send an OTP to your users through email.

Configuring SMTP

You configure SMTP uniquely for each of your apps.

To get started, go to the OwnID console and login to your account.

  1. From the Apps page, click the app you want to set up SMTP for.

  2. Click the User journey link from the navigation panel.

  3. On the OTP configuration panel, select Email under Delivery Channel.

  4. Click the SMTP Configuration bar.

  5. When the configuration form opens, enter:

  • The SMTP server Host URL.
  • The SMTP server Port.
  • The Username and Password of the account holder.
  • Sender Email address (valid FROM address).
  • Sender Name as it will appear to your recipients.
  1. Click Save Changes.

Test your configuration by running through login workflow on a device without biometric verification.

Be sure to complete SMTP configuration for all your apps before deployment.